How can I request solar panel services?

You only need to fill this form so we can send you an estimate:

How can I request pressure washing services?

You only need to fill this form so we can send you an estimate.

Can I reschedule your service?

Sure! Please send an email to and we will update it for you.


How does the service work?

Depending on your cleaning plan, we will come to your home after your trash is collected on one of your regularly scheduled trash collection days. You just need to leave your trash can out on the curb like normal. We then simply come by and clean, sanitize, and deodorize your cans.

Do you provide one time trash can cleaning services?

Yes, we charge $45.95 for a one time cleaning. This includes 3 trash cans, one service per year.

What is the price for trash can cleaning service?

We have 3 trash can cleaning plans: Quarterly Plan: Cost: $29.95 *this amount is billed each service. Includes: 3 Trash Cans Includes: 3 services per year Semi-Annual Plan: Cost: $39.95 *this amount is billed each service. Includes: 3 Trash Cans Includes: 2 services per year Annual Plan: Cost: $49.95 *this amount is billed each service. Includes: 3 Trash Cans Includes: 1 service per year

Is the pricing $29.95 for the whole year of trash can cleaning?

This amount is charged each time the service comes.

$29.95 is the price for the 3 cans?

Yes, it includes 3 trash cans cleaned once every 3 months.

How do I sign up?

Visit and select residential trash can cleaning, or go directly through this link:, then select the plan you’d like to book, answer some questions, make your payment and you’ll be set!

Can I sign up through the phone?

Currently, we do not support phone booking. Our system is 100% online.

Can you come the day after trash pickup?

We group your trash can cleaning service scheduled depending on the area that you live and your trash pickup day.

When is my next cleaning?

Usually, our next visit will be the following week on your trash pickup day after your card has been charged. Don't worry! We'll send you a reminder before we come, so you don't miss us! You can also check out your next cleaning service following these steps: Log into your portal In the area next to your credit card payment you’ll see your next scheduled date.

You took my payment, when are you coming?

After your card has been charged you’ll get a visit reminder via email, and we'll come the scheduled day to complete the trash can cleaning service. Please note that if we get your payment on Friday evening you’ll get a reminder until Monday morning.

Someone took my cans in and you didn’t clean them, when are you coming?

Don’t worry! We’ll be there next week on the trash-pickup day! And if your trash cans aren't there we’ll come until your service is completed.

What happens if I just took 1 can out?

We won’t service one can, so we’ll mark your service as an incomplete visit. This means we will come up next week to complete your trash can cleaning service.

What happens if I just took 2 cans out?

It will be marked as a complete visit. This means you’d missed the cleaning of that one can, and we’ll clean it until the next scheduled service.

Do I need to be home when you come to clean my garbage cans?

No, you can go about doing your regular day!! That’s why we come right after trash-pickup day; since your trash cans are already out waiting for us, you can feel free to go about your day. At the end of the day, your clean cans will be waiting at the curb for you to bring them back up to their usual location.

It’s 9:00 pm and my cans are still dirty!

In the rare instance that this happens, please check your email and voicemail for an update. As much as we strive to be perfect, sometimes stuff happens! If you have not received an email or phone call, please reach out to us at +1.559.375.5252 and we will gladly assist you to remedy the issue.

I was scheduled for 10:00 am but no one has been here yet. Are they still coming?

Don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten you. We promise we’ll be there soon and you will know we’ve done our job by how clean your trash cans look and smell! When you sign up, we ask for an approximate time at which you think your trash cans will be emptied by your waste management company. We use this as a guideline so that we don’t arrive before your trash cans have been emptied.

Can I reschedule your service?

Sure! Please send an email to and we will update it for you.

Do you offer discounted rates for HOAs?

If you are an HOA that would like all trash and recycling cans in your neighborhood clean, we will be happy to discuss discounted rates for bulk cleanings. Please contact us today!


Why should I hire professional janitorial services?

  1. Save time, money, and the trouble of interviewing and hiring an in-house staff that requires training, products, and equipment!
  2. Our staff is fully trained and already follows the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and use the products and equipment necessary to get the job done right and protect your employees, customers, and property.

How do you ensure the safety of my staff?

Our job is to keep you and your staff safe! All of our employees are badged with a photo ID so that you know who they are. If you require additional testing or specific certifications are required, we’ll supply that as well. If there are areas of your facility that you don’t want us to enter, we won’t. Before we leave for the night we lock your doors and set the alarm.

What precautions do you take to minimize health concerns and safety hazards?

Your employee's health and well-being concern us too! We keep a clean & sanitized environment to prevent bacteria, cross-contamination & diseases, we use green and eco-friendly solutions to keep your facilities clean!