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Environmental & Health Benefits of Scrubcan's Trash Can Cleaning Service

Environmental Benefits

ScrubCan uses recycled water from the City of Fresno to clean our customer’s trash cans

A second environmental benefit is that the ScrubCan

cleaning system was designed to capture much of

the run-off from the trash can cleaning process.

Water captured from the cleaning customer trash

cans is returned to the City of Fresno for

cleaning so that it can be used yet again for

non-human cleaning and commercial uses.

Health Benefits

The health risks associated with dirty trash cans will linger long after the trash has been picked if you don’t properly clean your trash cans regularly.

Trash bins you wheel to your curb every week are one of the dirtiest items in your home. While the odor of a dirty trash can be difficult to ignore, the health risks are the greatest threat.

Dirty trash cans attract unwanted pests such as bees, roaches, rodents, insects and other creatures. Many of these creatures carry diseases that are harmful to human beings. These creatures include:

  • Rodents attracted to the rotting spell are known to carry the Hantavirus in addition to other dangerous diseases.

  • Flys and insects are responsible for the transmission of many human and animal diseases. Dirty trash cans are an ideal place for maggots to fester.

  • Dirty trash cans are also a major breeding ground for:

  • Bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria, E.Coli and others associated with fecal waste from dogs and diapers.

  • Food related molds and fungi

  • Viruses

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