ScrubCan designed our state of the art cleaning system using steam, pressure and recycled water to clean and sanitize your dirty trash cans and reclaim we reclaim the dirty water. Our process saves massive amounts of precious water. Your trash cans are cleaned and sanitized the same day as your regularly scheduled trash pick up, leaving you clean and odorless cans. Sign-up and enjoy those clean cans!



first, select a trash can cleaning plan below, fill out a few quick questions (email, trash day, address) subscribe for service and then we take it from there...

Quarterly Plan


per service

3 Cans, Once every 3 Months,     4 Services per Year


then within 24 hours the ScrubCan team will find the next available service appointment on your trash day and send you an email reminder with your service cleaning date...

Semi-Annual Plan


per service

3 Cans, Once every 6 Months, 2 Services per Year


on you scheduled service cleaning date, place your trash cans out for pick-up, after pick-up we clean your cans by that evening, and both you and your cans stay clean and smell good!

Annual Plan


per service

3 Cans, Once every 12 Months, 1 Service per Year


ScrubSolar delivers residential solar panel cleaning services to help you protect your investment. Environmental debris like pollution, dust, pollen, mineral residue left after rain water dries out, and bird droppings, all contribute to the blocking of light from reaching the solar panel cells. This residue and debris reduces the efficiency of your solar panels. This means less solar energy for consumption in your home, as well as less energy that you can sell back to the utility company.



ScrubCan was formed out of the need to offer Residential customers a better, environmentally friendly trash can cleaning services. As a comprehensive cleaning company we to the rail transport, oil & gas services, barge and tanker, and emergency cleanup sectors, we strive to meet the varied needs of our customers.


While we appreciate the work all ScrubCan Inc employees perform, it’s the men and women who spend their days inside these dirty jobs that make our company successful. Our company culture is one of hard work and attention to detail, we don't rest until your job is done and you are completely satisfied with our work. 




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