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Scrubcan Trash Can Cleaning Process

A lot of thought and creativity has gone into the ScrubCan trash can cleaning process. This is a lot more than just a high pressure washing system and water tank in the back of a truck.

To make a system that worked to his standards, the founder, Corey Jackson identified a couple of problems that needed to be addressed:

  1. How to apply heat and steam to the cleaning process to kill biological agents.

  2. How to capture the water runoff in the cleaning process to conserve as much water as possible.

To address these issues, Corey decided to find a box truck to server as the platform for the ScrubCan system. He added a high pressure water and steam cleaning system, and two water tanks, to circulate and filter the water.

Adding A Steam Cleaning System To The ScrubCan Process:

The ScrubCan cleaning system is really several different systems working together. To get the best results he desired, Corey added a steam cleaning system so that the water being used to clean the trash cans was not only under very high pressure but was also heated to a combination of very hot water and steam which comes out of the nozzles at over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. To tie everything together, several pieces were invented and fabricated so that all of the systems making up the ScrubCan cleaning process work together for maximum effect.

Creating A Water Capture System

The second problem that needed to be addressed was how to capture the water runoff that traditionally would occur in cleaning trash cans. Corey wanted to be environmentally responsible and use as little water as possible, he needed to create a system that minimized the waste of water used in the ScrubCan cleaning process. He designed a holding center and modified a vacuum system to filter and circulate the water needed in the cleaning process. Corey’s innovation captures nearly all the water, filters it for the next set of cans. This system minimizes the waste of precious water.

Corey has since been working on another system that would even further extend the life of the water to clean even more cans with less water.

Committed To Environmental Stewardship

Corey and ScrubCan are committed to environmental stewardship. We are always looking for ways to improve the ScrubCan cleaning process. We will keep you posted on how we progress.

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